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Go Wolves!

Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School


Go Wolves!

Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School

Go Wolves!

Saint John Paul the Great Catholic High School

Concussion Information

Concussion information



Concussion education & Impact baseline sessions

As a matter of Virginia law, best practices and Diocese of Arlington policy, our educational effort raises knowledge and particular awareness of risks among sport participants.  Our high school athletic trainer utilizes Impact baseline testing, software, processes, and protocols to facilitate injury care rendering. The goal is early recognition, prompt assessment and efficient action steps to best enable a good recovery for the growing student-athlete.

An educational presentation that discusses injury and concussion care needs review by our student-athletes and parents. This document is always available for referencing, under the Links portion of this website. A fillable consent form is required annually, and found within the secured ATS- Athlete Medical Portal.

All incoming athletes entering their first season at JP, all juniors still in sports, and anyone having a diagnosed concussion in the past athletic year need to accomplish the baselines/ updates. Updates are done to reflect changes in brain growth, or recovery status months after a case’s resolution. Especially if a specialty clinic was engaged in a case, discussion between the parent, JP athletic trainer and athlete are essential as well as shared written documentation throughout the path to resolution.

The computerized baseline process is done in a controlled, small group computer lab setting accomplished prior to participation in sports. 

  • Those sessions are held on campus, by a structured small group appointment system with a $30 fee required through PaySimple accounts of our enrolled families. 

  • The most offerings are held in the first two weeks of August, and on a sport seasonal structured pattern later (planned to occur within about 3 weeks of other seasons’ beginning tryouts). 

  • It takes student-athletes about an hour to finish.

  • All athletes need to be physically rested (not exercised in the 3 hours prior) when they attend the baseline appointment. 

  • Enrolled families can seek/ receive session event details by contacting head coaches, and should expect some school sent messaging to land in their email inboxes.

Proper preparedness, attendance and planning are essential given the hundreds of involved athletes, limited seats, and time constraints on the athletic trainer’s calendar serving all our sports teams, coaches, families. Students enrolled but engaging in non-JP sports activities, clubs, leagues may opt to participate under the same form, fee, testing session requirements. 

Parents may elect to seek annual updates of their children if they wish. Parents are welcome to come observe the baseline if they wish, although most do not.

Contact with particular questions or concerns.